Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Jingle Bell Rocked!!!

Christmas in photos 2011...

We had an amazing evening and feast for kings with the entire Blackburn family the weekend before Christmas, however, I didn't end up with any pics from the night???:( 

Christmas Eve Eve.  The new annual slumber party celebration at Nana and Chiefs house...

Christmas Eve with the Campbell Family...

Christmas morning at our house with Santa...

Christmas Day at Gammy and Papa's house...

It seems like December just flew by this year!  I can't believe Christmas is already over!:(  I'm so glad we made memories with old traditions and new ones this year!  Our family is blessed beyond measure!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Crazy Saturday!

We had our first crazy Saturday this past weekend.  We were going ninety different directions from sun up till sun down.  We even had to split up to make sure both kids made it to their respective activities.  Garrett went with Cruz to basketball while I went with Jett to his school Christmas Program.  Then we had Cruz's Christmas Program, then quick naps and we dropped them off at Gammy and Papa's while we went to two adult Chrismas parties at the homes of some great friends.

Here is Jett's class from Creative Kids.  After he warmed up a bit, he started to get into the singing and dancing!
Here is Cruz's class!  They each had a speaking part at the microphone and sang some of their favorite Chrismas songs!
Santa decided to make a suprise visit to Gammy and Papa's house and deliver some early presents for Cruz and Jett!
 Jett is still not a fan!:(

 And these are three of my bestest friends, whom I don't get to see nearly enough!  So when we do get together, we act like crazy kids and take silly pictures like this one below!  We can hardly contain ourselves!!! :)


Cruz's First Basketball Game

Cruz had his first basketball game last week.  The kids are all 4 and for most of them it is their first time to play so it is pretty entertaining.  He seems to love all the action that comes along with the game!  The score ended up being 2 to 2 so we considered it a win for Team Campbell!!!:)  Can't wait to see these kids having fun the rest of the season!


Santa & Crickey the Elf

We have had so many exciting things happen over the last week that I just don't know where to start.  Cruz wrote Santa a letter right after Thanksgiving asking him for some very special presents including some transformers and a new bike.  Well this week he received a letter in return.  Santa told him he has been watching over him and hearing about all of the great work that Cruz is doing in school.  He actually sent us a special elf named Crickey to spend some time with us right before the holidays.  Crickey is very sneaky and ends up playing all over our house while we're sleeping! 

The holidays are in full force!

This is one of my most favorite times of year!  Christmas parties, friends, family, games, etc. etc.  I love all of it!  We spent this past Friday night with the boys in Bricktown.  It started with snow tubing at the Bricktown Ballpark, followed by a trip to see Santa at Bass Pro, and ended with the new Chipmunks movie at Harkins Theater.  The boys were wiped out by the end of the evening and both fell asleep on the way home! 

Last year Cruz was only tall enough to go down the small slide.  This year he and his BFF Brodie zoomed down the giant slide over and over and loved every minute of it!!!

Jett is NOT a fan of Santa just yet!:(
This movie is super cute! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Basketball Woop Woop!

Cruz is starting his basketball career at the YMCA this season!  Practices started last week and I think he may be a natural!:)  Garrett is coaching his team (with the help of some of the other Dads & Uncle Marshall) so it should be a very entertaining season!

Little Crazy Man!!!

I have this little crazy man.
He lives in my house.
He comes out to play in strange outfits every night.
He is a food grazer and he likes to dance to loud music.
I think he may grow up to be an entertainer!

Jett Alan Campbell

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving craziness...

So my last post was a few days prior to my actual birthday...  And so much has happened since then. 

I'm going to give the short, picture filled version to catch up.

My Dad went in for total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday the 16th.  He did great through surgery and was resting comfortably when he suffered a small stroke early the next morning.  After being transported to Mercy, a week working with doctors, nurses, speech therapists, physical therapists, stroke team specialists and all of us kids, he came home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  He is proof that the Lord does answer prayers.  My Dad went from not being able to say his name or his age to being able to speak in full scentences in less than a week.  He is in the beginning stages of a long road of recovery and continued therapy but hopefully his head and knee will be good as new very very soon!

Here he is getting up with the therapist for the first time

Then we had Cruz's Thanksgiving Program and lunch on Wednesday.  Here's my little Indian!!!:)
 Cruz and his BFF Indian Brodie!

We bought new basketball shoes for Cruz.
 We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house.  We ate tons of food, took golf cart rides, and watched the Macy's parade and football all afternoon!

 Jett decided he needed to wear this bike helmet while in the house???  He is very entertaining!
 Jett also tried to drive the golf cart a few times!

 Then we came home and ate oreos for dinner because apparently we didn't get enough to eat at Nana and Chiefs house???
 On Friday, the boys decided to give Hank mani/pedi's!  Ha!  He was not a fan but I think he tolerated it because he was getting loads of attention!
 We finished putting up our Christmas decorations!  Jett was just in awe of the beautiful lights and ornaments!
 And Sunday, we delivered our Christmas lists to Santa!  We were doing so well.  Jett was even saying Ho Ho Ho and waving to Santa while we waited in line.  And then...
 When I tried to set him in Santa's lap, he flipped out!:(  His lip was quivering and he had a death grip on my arm.  Needless to say, we only got a good pic of Santa and Cruz.  Maybe next time!:)

It has definitely been an eventful 10 days!  And with Christmas right around the corner, I'm sure there will be no slowing down for our gang! 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!