Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Fun!

Pool party with Jen, Mason, Max, Krissa, Connor, Caymen, Amy, Hailey, Regan and Gammy!  This water blow up was awesome!  The kids loved it!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend 2010

What a wonderful Father's Day Weekend we've had.  Garrett, me and the boys headed to the lake on Thursday to start celebrating early.  We were able to spend Friday and Saturday on the boat with Gammy, Papa, Uncle Marshall and Sam, and Uncle Austin.  We had so much fun!

And then on Sunday we had a cookout with Nana, Chief, and the Blackburn's.  Cruz and Hailey played and the babys took turns being held by the grandparents!

Fathers Day 2009
The big kids have grown up so much this year!

Another awesome summer weekend!

Brotherly Love

This is what mornings at the lakehouse look like!  Poptarts and cartoons!!!

God is Great!

Cruz started his new 3 year old class at school and is already learning so many new things.  His vocabulary has quadrupled, he can count to 20, and knows all his colors.  He also came home and surprised Garrett and I when we set down for dinner with this prayer...  "God is great, God is good, and we thank you for our food.  Amen"  It was so sweet that I teared up a bit.  My baby is all grown up!  He loves his new teachers Ms. Marissa and Ms. Barbara!

This is us working on a paint project!

Jett's two month appointment was last week and I cannot believe that little punkin' is already at the two month mark!  He weighs 12lbs 6oz and is 22 inches long.  He is starting to smile at us and "talk" all the time!  It is adorable!  Here are some pics from the lake where him and I are singing to one another.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Day...

Today was my first day back at work and I was a bit worried, to say the least.  Worried that we would have major catastrophes before 7AM.  Worried that Cruz would be upset that I was taking Jett with me to work. Worried that Jett would just decide to scream all day preventing my office mate, Mary, or myself from getting any work done.  Worried that I would stress out and gain 5lbs at my first Monday Weight Watchers weigh in!  Whew!  There was lots and lots that could have gone wrong, however.........

It was a fabulous day!  We were all clean, dressed and in the car by 7:32.  Cruz went into his new classroom with only a normal bit of hesitation.  Jett was incredibly calm at work and cracked up all the girls with his manly post lunch toots!!!  I lost 5.6lbs during my first official week back at Weight Watchers!  and my Mom and Dad decided to stop by and hang with the boys this evening while G and I went out to eat dinner!  Seriously?  Is today really a Monday?  I only hope the rest of the week can be half as good!!!

Jett's first day of work at the double E (06-07-10)

Cruz's first day of work at the double E (06-11-07)

I'm so glad I saved this outfit!  My little cutie patooties!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho its off to work we go......

How appropriate since this is my last day of maternity leave.  Hailey's very first dance recital was last night and I must say, she was the star of the show!!!  She knew all the moves of her routine without even having to watch the demonstrators!  She must take after her Aunt Kristi:)!!!  I had so much fun watching her perform her Heigh-Ho dance and I'm so grateful that I have two special nieces that will let me share in their special "girly" activities every once in awhile!!!

So back to the grind starting tomorrow.  Everyone please say a prayer that I can get everyone dressed, ready, and in the car by 7:30AM!  Whew!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend Recap

How do you know it was a good weekend???

You come home with...

A sunburned nose

A bumped chin

And a splinter in your foot!

(I swear these feet are NEVER clean! Yuck!)

Memorial Weekend 2010

We had so much fun with all our family and friends this Memorial weekend!  We headed down to the lake on Wednesday evening to get the festivities started.  The boys are turning into little lake bums and Cruz is a little water fishy just like his Daddy!  Its awesome!

Cousins are awesome!

This is the first picture I've been able to take with all 4 kiddos.  It is not an easy task to get them still in one spot!!!

Aren't they just a cute bunch???