Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I love clean boys!!!

Garrett is in Dallas this week for a work conference so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed!  With the help of other Mommy's I know, I've come up with some pretty cool tricks for saving time and my sanity!  Crock pot meals, late night laundry, and doubling up during bath time are just a few that I've used this week.  Here we are getting everyone scrubbed down!  Its amazing how dirty 2 little boys can get in 24 hours!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

We love summer!

We've officially turned into lake bums!  We spent the weekend with the boys at the lake and I am so excited to get to do this all summer!  I can hardly stand it!  We brought out the bubbles, bouncer, popsicles, fishing poles and had a ball all weekend long!  Here is a little glimpse of our silliness!  We can't wait to play more with the Blackburns next weekend!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I've noticed that laundry is not the same since Baby J came to join our family.  I literally run at least one load everyday!  It is amazing how quickly we can fill the dirty hamper these days!  I used to have a certain way that I liked my clean laundry folded.  You know, everything wrinkle free right out of the dryer, turned right side out, folded in neat little stacks, and organized according to which drawer each garment called home.  (Yes, Garrett will agree with you!  Some say I suffer from a minor case of OCD.  I just call it being an organized clean freak!)  Well, my attitude towards laundry has drastically changed over the last 5 weeks.  I don't care how, when, or if each item gets folded and put away in the appropriate drawers/closets.  I'm only concerned that its clean and does not smell of pee, spit up, or last nights dinner!  AMEN!

My little helper today!  I was showing him that 98% of this load of clean clothes was due to him!!!

Trial and Error

I think being a mommy is all about trial and error.  Since every baby seems to pose some sort of "issues" on their mommies, we have to try out everything (even all those overpriced baby items that I swore I would never purchase!) to see what works.  Little J Monster has had some tummy issues and I'm trying out some new things to keep him comfy.

This is the nap nanny that I bought.  He loves sleeping in an upright position so we're hoping that this will help at night time!

And this is Aunt Amy's Moby wrap.  I tried it out and um, I think the kid likes it.  He was cashed out in about 2 minutes after I put it on!  I'm definitely going to have to make one of these ASAP!

And finally, some brotherly love can't hurt!  Cruz loves holding Jett and I think Jett kind of likes it too! They are so precious together!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm one lucky girl!

Mothers Day weekend was full of fun activities for the Campbell Clan!  It all started on Friday when...

Amy and I got brave and decided to take all 4 kids to the zoo.  I think 98% of OKC had the same idea because it was packed with daycare field trip groups and other crazy moms like us!!!  Thank goodness Aunt Kimmy decided to join to help out with the chaos!  Everyone had a blast!

Thank goodness for double strollers and red wagons!  

Saturday we had lunch with the BK's and Baby Cannon at Cha Chas!  Margaritas on the patio!   My favorite summertime activity!!!  And then we went to the Allen twins 1st birthday party.  It was a swim party so naturally Cruz was very excited.  He became best buddies with Addison (Matt & Erin's niece).  Both kiddos played in the pool until they had alligator fingers!  Cruz even jumped off the side into the water all by himself!  He is getting so big and brave!

Then Sunday was Mothers Day!  How lucky am I to have an amazing husband who has given me two of the most wonderful little boys in the world?  They are so special to me and I feel so blessed to get to be their mommy!  We started the day with church followed by lunch with Gammy & Papa and dinner with the Blackburn's and Nana & Chief!  I'm so happy to get to spend this special day with all of our families! 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time, please slow down!!!

My baby is 3 weeks old now!  Holy cow, time is sure flying by!  He is so sweet!  I forget how much I like the sweet baby smells, soft skin, and silly smirks!


Mommy to Cruz:  "Go pack your backpack with all the things you will need for the lake this weekend."
Cruz to Mommy: "OK, go pack my ratpack!"

This is what I found 10 minutes later when I came into the kitchen.

strawberry milk with our "favorite" blue cup setting out on the counter

the ratpack has been filled with every train that he ownes

and he's grabbing a waffle out of the freezer

I know milk and waffles are very important but as Aunt Amy said, thank goodness these kids have mommies to pack things like underwear and toothbrushes!!!