Friday, November 27, 2009

What a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wow!  So much to be thankful for!!!  We've had a wonderful couple days shared with family, friends, and lots and lots of food!!! Wednesday evening began with my little helper Cruz and I in the kitchen.  We roasted and seasoned all kinds of nuts to give to all of our family for Thanksgiving.  Cruz especially loved to shake the bag to get them evenly coated!  He was so proud once they came out of the oven and we wrapped them up in festive fall sacks!  Thursday was spent with Garrett's family at Gammy and Papa's house where we feasted on turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, rolls, and 4 different kinds of dessert.  We played in the bouncer and opened an early Christmas present from Gammy. (she is worse than Mommy at keeping surprises until Christmas!)  A giant choo choo train that makes lots of noise!  Thank goodness it is staying at Gammy's house.  And then Friday was spent with Nana, Chief, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Amy, Mimi, and Hailey.  We made homemade enchiladas with beans, rice, chips, cheese, salsa and finished off with cinnamon chips and banana pudding!  Cruz and Hailey had fun fighting over the same toys and seeing who could drink the most cups of juice!  What an amazing start to a long weekend!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Catching up after a crazy weekend!

I know its Wednesday and the weekend is long past us, however, I'm just now getting pictures uploaded to share some wonderful moments from an amazing extended birthday weekend!

We started the weekend off Friday afternoon with an amazing photo shoot with Aunt Amy.  We were able to go onto Owen Field and take some pics of Cruz.  He was a little overwhelmed at first by the sheer enormity of being on a college football field especially one like OU!  After a while though, he warmed up and we got some really cool shots.  I'm only sharing one because the others may end up wrapping themselves under my Christmas tree!!!

Then Saturday brought us OU game day with lots of tailgating fun!  Cruz had 6 blow pop suckers by noon and was covered in dirt from head to toe by the time I arrived at 1pm.  (Thats what a morning with Daddy and Uncle Ryan will get you!)  He played and played until he finally crashed on the way home.  Note:  For those of you familiar with Norman.  We tailgate near Brooks and Jenkins and Cruz's eyes were shut by the time we passed the Mont!  Seriously 2 minutes people!!!


Sunday was a wonderful sleepy day for the Campbell's.  We want to send a sincere thank you out to the person who invented Goof Off.  We learned that as Mommy and Daddy were being lazy bums, our creative 2 year old was redecorating the coffee table.  It became a beautiful montage of Lightning McQueen stickers all in a mosaic style pattern.  I was a secretly proud of the creativity!  Plain glass coffee tables are pretty boring!  We lounged around the house until afternoon when it was time to get ready and join the entire family for a birthday dinner at Musashi's.  We had so much fun and the food was super yummy!  Thank you everyone for coming and helping to celebrate!  Special thanks to Cruz and Hailey for putting on an amazing performance of "the bumble bee song," "abc's," and "the wheels on the bus."  My birthday couldn't have been better!

And finally Monday came.  I took off work to spend the day with my two favorite gentlemen!  We went to my doctors appointment and ran some errands.  It was a pretty mellow day which I love!  Once home, Cruz decided he wanted to become a photographer just like Aunt Amy.  So he practiced and practiced!  I thought I'd share some of his first works of art.  I foresee these contemporary pieces posted in art galleries some day!


Have I mentioned that I love my life?  Well, I do!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mommy/Baby Checkup 18 weeks

Yesterday was my monthly baby checkup.  Here are the stats so far.

Mommy weight gain:  10lbs
Heart Rate: 166
BP: Normal

Everything is going good!  Can't wait till our 20 week ultrasound on December 8th to find out if its a boy or girl!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

An evening in our shoes...

Our first visit as parents to the Emergency Room...

                                    Approximate cost = $500 and many gray hairs

Stressed out Mama Bear about to strangle the ridiculously hateful ER receptionist...

Approximate cost = Life in Prison

The look on punkin's face, after its over, when handed a red popsicle...


Thank goodness for good doctors and dermabond! So much for Christmas photos scheduled this Sunday!!!  Ha!  You gotta love little boys!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Little Things...

So I'm truly realizing that the little things in life are the ones that make me the happiest.  For example, Cruz (our very picky eater and total carbaholic) just finished off his dinner consisting of a whole wheat waffle with peanut butter and fruit!  No, its not grilled chicken and veggies but it is a definite improvement from chips and chicken nuggets!  And the best part was when he said, "all done, mama!"  My life is so good!

I also thought I'd share the top 5 things I'd like to accomplish during this amazing November, which happens to also include my birthday!

1. Complete as many sewing projects as I can before my "design center" becomes a nursery!

2. Have a huge chunk of my Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.

3. Finish my next book in the Left Behind series.  I'm telling you, every time I finish one, they come out with another.  It never ends!!!

4. Continue to help Cruz discover more food options that he likes.

5. Make the most of my 31st birthday even if it consists of dinner, a bubble bath, and sleeping in till 8!

Until next time...


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


So I figure late is better than never!

I have so many exciting things happening in my life right now that its hard to remember every little detail. I've been wanting to start this blog to capture memories and special moments that i might forget otherwise!