Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TG Farms

Cruz wanted Brodie to come stay the night at our house Friday night so we decided to take all the boys to the TG Farms Pumpkin Patch. We were the only ones there so the boys had total run of the place! They fed the goats, ran through a hay maze, took a hay ride, played on the slides and picked out pumpkins to take home. We had so much fun! I'm sure we'll be returning for more fun before fall is over!!!

Friday, September 21, 2012


Cruz got his hard cast on this week.  He was so sweet and let me be the very first to sign it.  He will be in the full cast for 2 weeks and then they will cut it down to just the lower arm for an additional 3 weeks.  After that he should be good as new!!!

Dallas Weekend = SUCCESS

We were worried after Cruz's little stint last week that our Dallas trip with the boys would have to be rescheduled.  We decided, instead, to go ahead and head south for the weekend.  We went to a Rangers baseball game on Friday night, spent all day Saturday at Six Flags, and ended with Midevil Times Saturday night.  The weekend turned out to be exactly what we needed!  Lots of fun and lots of distraction from the huge splint that CC was in.

Broken Arm

Our first broken bone... (and I'm pretty sure not the last) 

Cruz decided to pull a spiderman move on the playground at recess last week and climb to the tallest point on the jungle gym.  He ended up losing his balance and fell right on his wrist breaking his radius bone and fracturing his ulna.  Poor punkin had a very eventful day.  We raced him to the new St. Anthony ER by our house.  Unfortunately, there was no orthopedic doctor on staff there so we were transferred to the downtown St. Anthony Hospital.  And O no, we couldn't just drive ourselves.  They require all patients being transferred to ride via ambulance.  So needless to say after an ambulance ride, an IV, having to get the arm re-set into place, hours of waiting, and finally a temporary splint, we were sent home.  Cruz felt much better the next day because his BFF Brodie brought him a ballon and candy, Chief brought over donuts, chocolate milk, and a new movie, the Blackburn girls brought over cookies and a sweet card, & Nana came to visit with coloring books and candy!!!  Lucky boy!:)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

OU Football Season officially kicks off!

We count down the days until OU Football season starts and this year since the first game was away, we didn't technically start celebrating until game 2.  We tailgated all day in full force with all our friends and family and rooted the Sooners to a victory!  Such a fun time!!!

Newport Beach with New Friends

We had the opportunity to join some friends (and to meet some new ones) in Newport Beach over Labor Day Weekend.  If you have not been to this part of California, I definitely suggest you go!  The people are so friendly and inviting, the weather is gorgeous, and the scenery is to die for!!!  We enjoyed golf (well I enjoyed golf from the cart while sipping wine and enjoying views of the ocean!), lazy afternoons at the pool, fun dinner spots in Laguna, and mingling with a fun new crowd!  Garrett and I had a blast!!!

Cruz's First Day of Kindergarten

First days of school are so happy and sad at the same time.  I'm so happy that my little chubby baby has turned into a sweet, spunky 5 year old who is self-sufficient and confident but I'm sad that the baby/toddler phase of his life is over:(  Anyhow, he started kindergarten this year.  His teacher is Mrs. Williams and we love her so much already!  Cruz has homework 3 nights a week and is already learning more than I could have imagined for a 5 year old!

Smart Boy

My loves...