Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving craziness...

So my last post was a few days prior to my actual birthday...  And so much has happened since then. 

I'm going to give the short, picture filled version to catch up.

My Dad went in for total knee replacement surgery on Tuesday the 16th.  He did great through surgery and was resting comfortably when he suffered a small stroke early the next morning.  After being transported to Mercy, a week working with doctors, nurses, speech therapists, physical therapists, stroke team specialists and all of us kids, he came home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  He is proof that the Lord does answer prayers.  My Dad went from not being able to say his name or his age to being able to speak in full scentences in less than a week.  He is in the beginning stages of a long road of recovery and continued therapy but hopefully his head and knee will be good as new very very soon!

Here he is getting up with the therapist for the first time

Then we had Cruz's Thanksgiving Program and lunch on Wednesday.  Here's my little Indian!!!:)
 Cruz and his BFF Indian Brodie!

We bought new basketball shoes for Cruz.
 We spent Thanksgiving at my parents house.  We ate tons of food, took golf cart rides, and watched the Macy's parade and football all afternoon!

 Jett decided he needed to wear this bike helmet while in the house???  He is very entertaining!
 Jett also tried to drive the golf cart a few times!

 Then we came home and ate oreos for dinner because apparently we didn't get enough to eat at Nana and Chiefs house???
 On Friday, the boys decided to give Hank mani/pedi's!  Ha!  He was not a fan but I think he tolerated it because he was getting loads of attention!
 We finished putting up our Christmas decorations!  Jett was just in awe of the beautiful lights and ornaments!
 And Sunday, we delivered our Christmas lists to Santa!  We were doing so well.  Jett was even saying Ho Ho Ho and waving to Santa while we waited in line.  And then...
 When I tried to set him in Santa's lap, he flipped out!:(  His lip was quivering and he had a death grip on my arm.  Needless to say, we only got a good pic of Santa and Cruz.  Maybe next time!:)

It has definitely been an eventful 10 days!  And with Christmas right around the corner, I'm sure there will be no slowing down for our gang! 

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Birthday with the Blackburns!

My birthday week just keeps getting better!  Last night we went out to Nana and Chiefs house for (guess what?) Mexican food for my birthday!  Hailey Rose made me this very special art work which is now hanging on my refrigerator for all to see!  I got a beautiful scarf which I can't wait to wear, a sparkly bracelet to complete my Stella and Dot collection and a new keyboard case for my IPAD!  I am so blessed!!! 

Can the week get any better?  Yes, I think it can because tomorrow (my actual birthday) I am spending the day at the spa!  Bring on messages, facials, and pedicures!!!  Woo Hoo!

Early Birthday Weekend!

We decided at the very last minute to spread my birthday out an entire week (you can do that when you're birthday falls on a Wednesday) and take the boys to Great Wolf Lodge this past weekend!  Just to kick start the week into high gear, we headed down to Grapevine to swim, play, and laugh!

This is how we roll!  Cowboy boots and life jackets baby!
 The water park in GWL is amazing!  It has huge water slides, a giant play house, a lazy river, wave pool, and a small kiddy area that Jett LOVED!
 Our room was themed like a log cabin with bunk beds and murals painted on the walls!
 And of course, we couldn't go south without eating at Uncle Julios (me and GC's favorite).  This car was parked in the parking lot and Cruz just about had a heart attack because it looks just like Bumble Bee from Transformers!  He wanted his picture taken with it!  If we hadn't said no, he would have been inside pretending to drive this bad boy when the owners came out from their nice dinner!  :)
 This is why I will never have skinny thighs!  I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!  There, I said it!
 Night #1 at the arcade in GWL!  So much fun!
 The second night we were there, we went across the street to the Gaylord Texan Hotel (which is BEAUtiful by the way) to see ICE.  We heard from friends who went last year that it was really cool.  This year it was Shrek themed and it was spectacular!  So amazing that someone actually carved every little detail out of ice!  They keep it at 9 degrees inside so they give you these big blue coats to wear while you go through.  There is an slide made of ice that the big boys went down and at the end there is a huge life size nativity scene all made completely of ice.  I was in awe!  Loved it!
 Night #2 in the arcade! 
We also made a trip over to the Grapevine Mills mall and spent some dinero at the Disney Outlet Store!  You know we have to stock up for our Disney trip in February!!!

Love my precious little family!  Such a great start to an amazing birthday week!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

18 Months Old

Jett is a little over 18 months old now and he just had his checkup this morning with Dr. Hopkins.  He is not too fond of the doctors office, but really who is?  He cried as soon as we got there and after two shots, cried most of the way to school!  Poor baby won't need another shot until he turns 4 so we're good to go for awhile!  His little personality is so cute and quirky!  He will be calm and in deep thought one moment and then bust out in a crazy dance move the next!  He loves music and instruments!  He just cracks us up all the time at the things he says and does! 

This particular morning while Mommy was cleaning out her costume jewelry drawer, he decided to play dress up!  What a ham!:)

Here are Jett's 18 month stats!

Height: 27 inches
Weight: 33lbs

Halloween 2011!

Better late than never! 

Halloween was a huge success with the boys this year!  Cruz has been telling me since July that he wanted to be Bumble Bee from the movie Transformers and that his best friend, Brodie, was going to be Optimus Prime.  We ordered his costume online about 2 months ago and he literally has not taken it off much since we received it in the mail.  I was afraid it would never make it to Halloween but it did and he had a blast!  Jett on the other hand did not get a say so (since this will probably be the last year he "can't" say so!) and mommy made him dress up in a really embarrassing penguin costume!  He cried and boo hood the first time I put it on him but I think by Halloween party day, he'd actually warmed up to it a bit and liked all the special attention he was getting while wearing it!

 We started on Friday with the boys parties at school!

 Then on Monday evening we visited Gammy and Papa's house where both boys got goody buckets full of candy and suprises!

 Then we met up with the Blackburn group at Mimi's for more treats and fun time with our cousins!

 Then we headed back to our neighborhood to take the boys trick or treating!  We went down 2 blocks or so and then Cruz was ready to head home and pass out candy instead!  I think he liked that part better!

  I think we may have enough candy to last until next Halloween!  The boys had a blast and Mommy and Daddy got lots of good laughs!