Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Its beginning to look alot like...


We spent this last weekend with the Campbell's and Beaty's at the lake!  I can't decide if the little boys or the big boys had the most fun!!!

Let's see how many people it takes to hang a tree swing!
 Jett and Gammy watching from the porch.
 I think there may be too many cooks in the kitchen!
Cruz is ready people!!!
 The first run!  Please Jesus don't let this thing fall to the ground!
 Max's turn. Not sure what to think yet!
 Mason's up!
 Rowdy crowd!!!
 Jett's turn!  I figured if it held up for the 3 big kids, we were probably safe!  He LOVED it!
 Camp Director Marshall taking the boys on a golf cart ride.
 Jett being introduced to one of the Beaty's pups "Big Poppy"
 Signing our names on the church benches.
 Nothing like a lake nap on the patio!
 Ready to go fishing!
 Fishing on the dock.
 Cruz is learning about fishing lures and tackle!  
 All 3 big boys checking out the fish and ducks!

We love spending time at the lake with our friends and family!  Can't wait till it gets a little warmer and we are joined by the Blackburn's, Jackson's, and Fischer's for more fun in the sun!!!

Mama's, don't let your babies grow up

How do you stop the clock?  If anyone has the secret to slowing down time, I would love to know about it!!!

Jett's new favorite toy is the remote!  Any remote, anywhere, anytime!  He is such a boy!

Trying to re-program it as we speak!

Chillin' on our back!

Rollin' to our side...

and onto our tummy! yea!

We love pulling ourself up next to the couch!  I think we may try to run next!!!  

Who me? Naaaaa!

Did I mention we LOVE our remote!

Watch out Big Brother!

I think Jett has finally learned that he is going to have to take up for himself or else!

Jett's toys are now "allowed" in the playroom!;)  Yea, we're clapping for joy!

Bath time (aka splashfest) with brother!  Guess who can splash the biggest?  Yes, that would be the little man!  Mama needs to start wearing a head to toe rain suit for all evening kid scrubbings!!!

It won't be long before the WWE style wrestling matches are ON at our house!  I have a feeling I should start padding the walls now!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes, it was 70 today but didn't we just have SNOW???

I'm so behind on my blog posts!  Anyhow, we have had two waves of snow here in OKC and Cruz has been begging to get out and play in it!  I convinced Garrett to join him while I took pictures from the window.  There is nothing fun about -10 wind chills (except maybe to a 3 year old!).

It started well!

 Getting colder...
 Telling me "Mommy, my hands are COLD!"

 O really, no wonder child!
 After about 20 mins of playing in the snow and 5 minutes of stripping off wet, cold clothes.