Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life is just so hard!

The Lords Been Good To Me

Work Weekend 2011

This past weekend was our "Work Weekend" at the lake house.  We all put on our grungy clothes and got tons accomplished!  Boards on the deck have been replaced, bar signs are hung, speakers are up and functioning, flower beds are cleaned out, and the entire deck has been stained.  Now we are officially ready for summer!

Cruz was so interested in helping get the old boards up.
 Jett helped out too!
 Wanting to be the first to "paint" the deck!
 By the end of the day Cruz and the deck had the same amount of stain on them!
 Playing in the house

 Some people "Supervised"
 And some people actually "Worked"
 How many people does it take to stain a deck?

Dr. Seuss Day

Its been a few weeks ago but I thought I'd share anyway.  Cruz's class had Dr. Seuss day.  They had green eggs and ham for breakfast.  (Miss Carrie said Cruz was NOT a fan!  Surprise! Surprise!)  They watched Horton Hears a Who, read Dr. Suess books, and turned themselves into Cat in the Hat!  So fun!

Mommy look at me!

Jett is moving in full force now.  Crawling and disappearing are his two new favorite hobbies.  The other day he vanished right before me.  I looked all over the house, in every bedroom, calling his name.  Then I walk toward the front door and look who's hiding...

Just checking out the front porch!
 Literally licking the window clean!
 And laughing about it!
 ooo, whats that?

A house full of sleepy boys

This is my house every morning before the chaos begins!  It is calm and quiet.  I thought I'd document it so that I can remind myself of what "down time" is!

I also got this cool new photo app on my phone that I wanted to play with so voila!  Love it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Sloth

Jett is finally crawling!  Now when I say crawling, I really mean one arm, one leg, army crawling!  Its hysterical!  And he is fast!!!  He can move across the living room before you can blink an eye! 

Here's a little video of the action.