Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walking and Talking!

Jett is walking and talking these days!  Well more like walking and mumbling!  I can't really understand any of it but I'm sure its very intelligent conversation!

14 months old

The chicks in my life

Just a little picture update of the two most beautiful, smart, and outgoing chickies I know!  My two neices, Hailey Rose and Reagan Lynn!  They are growing up way to fast!!!

Pool Party!

Saturday we celebrated Kristen's birthday with a good old pool party at Gammy and Papa's house!  The boys played in the water until they were both worn slick and sunburned!  By the end of the afternoon, Cruz was doing back flips in the hot tub and jumping into the pool and swimming to the steps all without his life jacket!  I think I have a little fishy on my hands!!!  Maybe someday he will teach his mommy how to swim!:)

Movie Night

This past Friday night, we took Cruz to see Cars 2.  He has been patiently waiting since we first saw the preview months ago to see this movie!  It was a very cute movie and he totally loved it! 

Waiting in line with Cruz, Lightning McQueen, and Francesco!
 This cheese ball told us that he wanted his OWN popcorn and drink!
 Pretending to take a nap before the movie!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thundercats Game 1

Tonight was the first Thundercats Tball game.  I think Cruz may be officially hooked!  He played first base and short stop and hit two runs that put him into home for a score!  After warming up to the crowd a bit, Cruz started showing off and making passes by the bleachers pumping his fists and raising the roof!  It was hysterical!  His team worked so well together and had so much fun tonight!  I can't wait for the next game!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My life as a Baseball Mom has officially begun!

I have looked forward to this day since Cruz's was born!  All of the fun things that come along with being a Mother of boys! 


Cruz had his first practice last week and he L-O-V-E-D every minute of it!  His team is called the Thundercats.  Each kid got to hit the ball, catch the ball, and run the bases several times!  His first game is this Tuesday so I'm sure there will be picture overload starting on Wednesday!!!

A little baby cuteness for your Monday morning!

Breaking in the new house

Well it's official!  My parents have finally moved into their beautiful new house.  They have spent the last 3 years in a teeny weeny farm house that is smaller than my first college apartment!  The new house has been long project in the making!  From purchasing the land, clearing the land, choosing a house plan, putting in a new road to get to the new house, laying foundation, digging ditches for the sprinkler system, walls up, power ran, fixtures in, and on and on! 

We had our first family get together last night and Mom was able to use her amazing kitchen and Dad used his new grill for the very first time!  We look forward to spending lots of time out on the "farm" with Nana and Chief!  The kids can't wait to stay the night in their new rooms, explore, and make lots of memories!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Day of Pre-K!

Cruz started his first day of the Creative Kids Summer Pre-K program yesterday.  His new teacher is Ms. Ethel (which is fun to try to teach to a 4 yr old with a slight lisp!) I think we may just call her Ms. E!  He came home and told us about all the new friends he has and all of the new toys and games Ms. E has in her classroom.  They even get to start rotating to Music, PE, and Art classes twice a week.  He was thrilled!  And so were we!

Do you ever need a vacation from your vacation?

These boys played hard all weekend!

I went in to put new sheets on the bed and I came back to find these two in the living room!:)

Pizza Party at Nana and Chiefs!

To wrap up our amazing Memorial Weekend, we headed to the farm to have pizza at Nana and Chiefs house with the Blackburn clan!  We ate, played, and toured the new house!  We even tested out the porch swing and played in the dirt a bit!

First pics (of many, I'm sure) of the kiddos posed on the fire place.

Lake Time is the Best Time!

Memorial Weekend at the lake was so much fun!  Here's a photo montage to sum it up!

 Cruz playing pool like a pro!
 Juice Box and Chips!  Holy Moly!  I'm in heaven!
 Sand play is all fun until you get some in your mouth!  YUCK!
Those Campbell boys must have something for blonds!
 Trouble with a capital T!
  GC going incognito and doing Beer Garden karaoke!  WOW! 
 Mama, please don't make me wear this silly hat!
 For real Mama! I'm over it!
 Easing in to the chilly water!
 Soaking up some sun!
 Our new pet turtle named Oklahoma.  Cruz and Sam painted his shell!
Don't be jealous!

Memorial Weekend Kick Off

Our Memorial Weekend started Thursday afternoon.

We headed to the lake at 5 and decided we would have a silly hat party to entertain us on the way down.  I don't have the pics of Uncle Austin and Uncle Marshall (they were driving down in their own vehicles and playing along in our silly game)

Here's how it goes...

Find a silly hat in your car.  Put it on.  Take a picture.  And text it to everyone else playing the game!  Fun right?  Cruz thought it was hysterical!