Tuesday, July 19, 2011

15 Months!

Jett is 15 months old now!  Wowzer!

Puts his foot in his mouth...
 And then laughs about it!!! 
Can you see the fangs?  He has two teeth on top (fangs) and two in the middle on bottom!  So stinkin' cute when he laughs!!!:)

O Yea Its Ladies Night!

Super Hero Training 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yay for the weekends!

This past weekend Garrett and I decided to just SLOW DOWN!  We have been so busy on the weekends lately that it has been easy to get wrapped up in entertaining guests, cooking for large crowds, going here, going there, etc, etc that we feel like our kids have gotten the shaft (as far as special attention goes).  So we decided to spend the entire weekend doing special activities with them!  No house work, no hours playing on the internet (until after they were asleep :)), no extra projects to work on and so on and so on.  We all had a blast together!  The boys are at such a fun age too!  They both have very outgoing personalities and love to dance to loud music, run fast (or in Jett's case, walk fast), play any kind of sport, jump on the beds, play with trains, watch movies, eat popcorn and pizza pockets, and laugh like crazy!!!  I love them both so much!  They make my life complete!!!

We started off Friday by taking Cruz to his favorite store, Barnes and Noble, to play with their train section and to pick out a new train for his set.  Lucky for him (and because I'm a huge sucker!) they were having a buy one, get one half off on all wooden Thomas trains!
 Then we picked up Daddy and headed North to PF Changs to have some dinner.  We got Cruz to eat all of the rice because we told him that Kung Fu Panda ate rice!!!  (Mommy = 1  Cruz = 0)  And Jett ate everything that we put in front of his face! :)
 Then we went home and played with our new trains.  Daddy made a giant track in the living room for all of us to play on!
 Saturday morning we woke up and Cruz helped me make breakfast.  Then we put on our suits and headed over to the Earlywine pool for the afternoon.  Cruz was so excited to go down all the slides and one of his T-ball buddies, Alex, was there so he was in HEAVEN!!! 
 Jett and I rotated time in the shade with drinks and snacks and time in the shallow end playing with the fountains.
 Then we came home, cleaned up and spent the evening in our jammies! 
 Sunday morning we went to church and lunch.  Then on the way home we stopped for a family of geese that were crossing in our neighborhood.  They boys thought this was just so awesome!!!???
 After some naps, Cruz and Daddy went to the Warren to see Transformers (no we dont have any pics, Thanks G!)  While they were gone Jett and I had a small fiesta of our own!

We practiced taking facebook profile pics of ourselves!  Cheese!
 We practiced all new tricks!
 And we ate suckers for dinner!  YUMMO!  (yes, I do realize that I will not be winning "mother of the year" for this decision but I don't care, we had fun!!!)
 Yay for weekends!!!  And yay for fun family time!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

Fourth of July in photos...

It takes alot of packing to feed and entertain 12 adults and 2 kids for a weekend!

 Senor Todd came out to play this morning!

 And then he crashed and burned!
 The girls (minus Amber???)

 I think someone dared Austin to come party in his skivies???
Jett was the designated driver!
 The beginning of our tubing "adventure"
 still having fun!
 4 1/2 hours and an X-ray later at the Madill Hospital!
 Thankfully no bones were broke.  Just a serious bruise and black eye.  Not enough to stop Garrett from coming back to the house and having a stiff cocktail! :)
We tried to watch fireworks but the boys were so wiped out from playing on the water all day that they pooped out at 7pm all three nights!